The U.S. States that Spoil their Grandkids the Most (According to their Grandkids)

Published August 1, 2022

Title Card: The U.S. States that Spoil their Grandkids the Most, According to their Grandkids - Coventry Direct

At this point, it’s common knowledge that grandparents spoil grandchildren. We all remember getting everything we wanted (and then some) when visiting grandma and grandpa’s house as a child. But which states have the most spoiled grandchildren? We went to the source to find out. We surveyed grandchildren to ask how often their grandparents spoiled them, along with other supplemental questions.


Our survey had 3,207 participants in total: 2,189 participated in the state-by-state portion, and 1,018 participated in the general portion, and it ran for two weeks. Disclaimer: Alaska, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, and Wyoming were not included due to a lack of respondents.

The Top 10 U.S. States that Spoil their Grandkids the Most

Data Chart of top 10 state ratings from "States that Spoil their Grandkids the Most"

In first place is actually a tie between Kansas and Florida! The south and midwest dominated the top 10, so a first place that’s shared between the two regions actually feels quite appropriate. Fellow southern juggernaut Texas came in second, only missing the first place tie with Kansas and Florida by one one-hundredth of a point. Maybe next time, y’all!

The northeast also appears a bit in the top 10, as Connecticut, Maine, and Pennsylvania all make appearances. Perhaps the weirdest takeaway from this list however is the complete lack of western representation. No southwest, no northwest, nothing. Did giving your grandkids way more than they need just never make it out there?

Looking at the U.S. Overall

Data Chart of average state ratings from "States that Spoil their Grandkids the Most"

The overall average answer to the question, “On a scale of 1-5, how often do your grandparents spoil you?” is 3.02 out of 5. For context, first place finishers Kansas and Florida each have just a 3.36, so there weren’t any states that were too far ahead or behind. Oregon was the lowest with an average score of 2.72, and supporting the observation we made earlier about the western U.S, Colorado had the second-lowest score with 2.76, followed by Idaho with 2.78.

Here’s What The Grandkids Are Saying

Infographic of data from "States that Spoil Their Grandkids the Most"

In a world where fewer and fewer young people are opting to have children, it might shock you that the average grandparent of today has nine grandchildren! The brood are often treated well though, as 58% say their grandparents would let them eat foods that their parents wouldn’t when they were younger, just under 50% got gifts of money from their grandparents so consistently it became expected, and a very lucky 10% of gen-z respondents get to claim the title of “most spoiled grandchildren” as their grandparents bought them a car at one point or another.

Millennials and gen-z aren’t always the best to their grandparents, however. A bit over 25%, or about one in four, talk to them “rarely” or “never,” and about 13% of millennials specifically are willing to lie to their grandparents to receive a larger inheritance, which is more than any previous generation.

Even with all that age and wisdom, grandparents aren’t perfect either. Many can’t help but play favorites (according to about one in every three grandkids), and when money isn’t the gift of choice, what grandchildren might receive… isn’t always favorable. From a can of black olives, to a life-size concrete goose, our respondents have received some wacky things from their elders! However, it’s important to remember that they’re probably just trying their best.

Closing Thoughts

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