How Much Is My Life Insurance Policy Worth?

Your life insurance policy’s value depends on a few variables, including the size of your insurance policy, the type of policy you have, your policy’s premiums, and your health status.

Those who choose to sell their life insurance policy, also known as a life insurance buyout, receive an average of four times more than they would earn from surrendering their policy back to their insurance company.

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We keep instant-value calculators out of the equation.

Life settlement calculators that offer instant results are based on limited information. As a result, the estimates they provide for your life insurance buyout are frequently wrong or misleading.

Because each case is different and we want to provide the most accurate information, we believe that personal attention is the best approach to estimating how much your life insurance policy is worth.

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Not ready to drop coverage entirely?

You may be eligible for a Retained Death Benefit, an option that allows you to receive a combination of cash and coverage without future premium payments. It’s just one of the ways a life settlement can work for you.

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