The Most Common Ache & Pain in Every State

Published September 14, 2023

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Does your head throb just thinking about the various aches and pains you’ve Googled? Or do you often wonder if it’s just you, or is everyone in your state feeling that peculiar backache too?

We at Coventry understand the significance of health and well-being. It’s not just about ensuring a smooth present, but also about anticipating the needs and concerns of the future. That’s why we wanted to uncover the top-searched ache and pain in every U.S. state.

From the sun-kissed states of the West to the chilly terrains of the Northeast, people are looking up everything from headaches to dysmenorrhea. Whether you’re battling a headache or nursing a shoulder pain, you’re not alone.

Will your state’s top-searched ache surprise you? Dive in to find out!

The Most Popular Ache or Pain in Every U.S. State

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Starting in the Midwest, it seems that the industrious spirit of Illinois and Indiana isn’t just reserved for their factories and fields. Residents here are notably searching for “back pain“, perhaps a testament to their hardworking nature.

Venturing to the North, for Wisconsin, it’s the search for “headache” that stands out. Maybe it’s the aftermath of a lively Packers game or the seasonal shifts that have residents reaching for remedies.

Similarly, West Virginia resonates with “headache” struggles as well. Perhaps it’s the rhythm of its folklore music or the aftermath of spirited square dances that have heads aching the next day. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that amidst the tranquility, residents are seeking some form of relief.

The Golden State of California adds a twist with its symptom-searching: “pharyngitis“. Despite California’s reputation as a hub for health and wellness, residents are still concerned about sore throats. Maybe it’s the result of cheering for their favorite Hollywood stars or perhaps, late-night karaoke sessions on the beaches of Los Angeles.

The Most Common Aches & Pains Overall

image showing the most common aches and pains overall

As we map out the nation’s collective concerns, some clear patterns emerge. At the forefront of these shared discomforts is back pain, which unmistakably stands out as the most common ache. This ailment, often associated with lifestyle factors like prolonged sitting, physical exertion, or even stress, is the leading concern in 10 states.

As common as they might seem, headaches hold a prominent spot in the health queries of Americans, being the topmost concern in 6 states. This widespread ailment can be influenced by a variety of triggers, from daily stressors and dietary choices to environmental factors like weather changes or noise pollution.

Dysmenorrhea, commonly known as severe period pains, stands out as a primary concern in 6 states as well. While this pain is typically associated with the menstrual process, it can also be caused by other medical conditions, such as endometriosis.

Other notable aches catching the attention of searchers include abdominal pain, penile pain, neck pain, eye pain, and chronic pain. It’s worth noting that the nature of these searches can vary, from seeking remedies to simply understanding the underlying causes, showcasing the diverse health curiosities across the states.

Closing Thoughts

So, does the top searched ache in your state align with what’s been bothering you lately? From the all-too-common back pain to the more unique concerns, it’s evident that people across the US are seeking understanding and relief for a variety of discomforts.

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To find out which ache and pain was the most common in each state, we compiled a list of 27 body aches or pains sourced from lists from Health Direct and Versus Arthritis. From there, we analyzed those keywords in Google Trends to map out the online search interest over the past year (July 2022 through July 2023) across the U.S.

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