The Most Popular Smoothie Flavors in Each State

Published August 10, 2022

Various popular smoothie flavors

One of the best ways to reminisce on childhood is by going to a Chock full O’Nuts or a stand at the mall and ordering a delicious smoothie to curb your sweet tooth, give you a burst of energy, and make you feel like a kid again. Some like their smoothies sweet and thick, others tart and smooth. The smoothie craze has swept the nation with businesses blending up the best combination of veggies, fruits, and juices to create filling tasty drinks. Coventry Direct wanted to find out the most popular smoothie flavors in every U.S. state to bring people of all ages together. For those hot summer days and a drink each generation can agree on, read on to find out the best smoothie inspiration to bring to your next family potluck!


We discovered popular smoothie flavors from sources like a couple cooks and GypsyPlate. Using Google Trends, we analyzed our 40 keywords over one year (May 2021 to May 2022) to find out each state’s favorite smoothie flavoring. Alaska, Vermont, and Wyoming did not have enough data to be included in this campaign.

The Most Popular Smoothie Flavor in Every U.S. State

U.S. map of the most popular smoothie flavors

With most of us trying to get healthier and feel our best for summer, smoothies offer the perfect on-the-go option for a filling breakfast or afternoon snack and are loved across the map. Coloradans enjoy their coffee—and want to smoothify it too. Similar to a frappuccino, a Coffee smoothie combines ice, coffee, heavy whipping cream, and milk with frozen bananas and maple syrup to create the caffeine drink of your dreams. Consider trying out Durango, CO.’s Raider Ridge Café for one of their frozen yogurt, espresso, chocolate syrup, whole milk, and banana-infused San Juan Buzz smoothies.

Illinois opts for a more unconventional smoothie flavoring—Oatmeal to curb hunger. This recipe requires a little bit of elbow grease but can be customized with your favorite fruit. All you have to do is grind your old-fashioned oats and add your choice of frozen fruit, milk, and sweetener to the blender and then serve.

Watermelon was the top smoothie flavoring for Californians. The state’s watermelon season lasts from June through September, making a great excuse to whip up this popular smoothie flavor. Combine your leftover seedless watermelon with frozen strawberries, yogurt, and milk for a hydrating and pretty pink drink to sip beneath the Hollywood Sign.

The Most Popular Smoothie Flavor in Every U.S. Region

U.S. map of the most popular smoothie flavors in every region
The Midwest had three top smoothie flavors, including Blueberry, Strawberry Banana, and Tropical. Who doesn’t love to go blueberry picking and use your leftover fruit to blend with milk and yogurt for this popular smoothie drink? For more protein, you can add almond butter and top your smoothie with granola.

To cool down on those extra hot days, whip up a Tropical smoothie with a refreshing base of peach, strawberry, and banana!

The Northeast’s most-searched smoothie flavor was Kale. This kid-friendly treat is made with honey, yogurt, kale, milk, banana, and pineapple—and when combined, masks the earthy taste of the kale.

Celebrate summer break with the South’s favorite smoothie flavoring at Morgantown, WV’s, Juice Bar. Try a Strawberry smoothie or one of their CBD-infused fruit bowls.

The West coveted Strawberry Banana smoothies, a classic drink that pairs well with a day out on Lake Tahoe—just make sure to wait an hour after enjoying your delicious smoothie before you take a dip!

The Most Popular Smoothie Flavor Overall

Bar graph of the most popular smoothie flavor overall

When it comes to the most popular smoothie flavors of all-time—Green smoothies reign supreme, desired by six states in places like Delaware, Maine, Rhode Island, and Utah. Perhaps the best way to pack in your antioxidants is with a visit to D.C.’s South Block for one of their Super Green Smoothies, made with pineapple juice, kale, spinach, mangoes, and banana.

The second most popular smoothie flavors consisted of common fruit variations you’d find at the grocery store like Blueberry, Pineapple, Strawberry, and Strawberry Banana. Each of these classic smoothie flavors had the highest search interest in four states.

Mango came in third in states like Nevada, Wisconsin, and Maryland. This fresh, vibrant yellow smoothie is packed with natural sugar and sure to fill you with enough energy to chase your grandkids around.

Chocolate Banana had the highest search interest in states like Missouri and Virginia. Ginger Juice, located in Richmond, VA, features delectable smoothies like Dark Chocolate Protein made with almond milk, banana, chocolate protein, chocolate chips, and peanut butter, or try out their Carrot Cake Smoothie, sweetened with nutmeg, cinnamon, vegan cream cheese, and vanilla.

Closing Thoughts

The hardest decision you had to make as a kid was which type of smoothie flavor you wanted to drink, which is why we wanted to help you revisit your childhood by finding out the most popular smoothie flavors in each state.

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