The Best Cities for Single Seniors

Published June 23, 2023

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They say age is just a number, and when it comes to love, we couldn’t agree more!

If you’re a single senior looking to ignite a romantic spark and make the most of your retirement years, you’re in the right place. We’ve crunched the numbers and analyzed the data to zero in on the best U.S. cities for single seniors seeking romance and companionship.

We’ve considered factors like date night costs, the single 65+ population, locations to meet fellow singles, and more. So, dust off your dancing shoes, spruce up your dating profile, and read on to explore the cities where love is in the air for those 65 and over!


Key Findings 

  • If you’re a single senior female, Provo, UT, is the place to be! The city boasts a striking ratio of nearly 3 (2.931) single senior ladies for every senior bachelor.
  • The Sunshine State of Florida offers ample opportunity for single senior connections, with four of the top five cities on our single senior population list calling it home: Sarasota, Fort Myers, Daytona Beach, and Palm Bay.
  • Wichita, KS, a hidden gem for single seniors, shines as the second-best city to meet your match and has more retirement communities per capita than any other city we analyzed. 
  • Looking for fabulous date ideas? Ohio has you covered. Akron and Toledo come in at 1st and 3rd for the most exciting things to do on a date for single seniors, so you’re sure to find some adventure as you explore the possibilities.


The 15 Best U.S. Cities for Single Seniors

A map highlighting the 15 best U.S. cities for single seniors.

Our map showcases the top 15 U.S cities nationwide where single seniors can find the perfect backdrop for their next romantic adventure (well, 17 if you count ties). From sunny Sarasota, FL, to the lively streets of Omaha, NE, these cities offer a fantastic mix of exciting activities and opportunities to meet new people, meaning unforgettable date nights abound.

Finding the right match is a numbers game, and if you’re a senior single, you won’t find better odds than in Sarasota, FL. Our data reveals the city has a promising 12,574 male & female single seniors per capita. Fort Myers, and Daytona Beach, FL, are neck in neck for second place with 10,482 and 10480 combined male & female single seniors per capita, respectively.

Akron, OH, had the highest Things to Do score in our data set with a huge variety of options. One area where the city shines is an appreciation for the arts (Akron has more drama than a production of Hamlet!). It boasts more theaters per capita than any city we analyzed, making it the perfect place for you and your date to enjoy the magic of the stage.

Sarasota, FL, definitely proved its single senior credentials in our study! One factor that gave the city an advantage in our rankings? A significantly higher Places to Meet score than any other city we analyzed (15.0 out of 20.0). By having the highest number of 55+ adult communities per capita than any other in our list, Sarasota was set apart in this category. After all, what good is a high single senior population if there’s nowhere to meet them?


Full Data

If your city isn’t listed above, not to worry! We’ve compiled our full data for all 100 U.S. cities we analyzed into the interactive data table below. So if you’re ready to dive deeper, search for the city you call home or click on the heading of each column to sort by that category.

Closing Thoughts

Love knows no age, and the connections we form in our golden years are often among the most profound and rewarding of our lives. Senior romance transcends the superficialities of youth, embracing the deeper connections that come with life experience and wisdom.

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So embrace the possibilities for romance and companionship, and let love unfold. With the right city, a bit of dating luck, and your finances in order, your golden years will truly shine. Visit our website today to discover how we can help you live life to the fullest!



To find the best cities for single seniors, we started with a list of the 100 most populated U.S. cities and ranked them from 1 to 100 based on the most important single senior factors. We broke those factors down into three categories: single senior population, things to do, and places to meet. We then assigned weights to each factor depending on how important it would be to a single senior. Based on those weights, each city we analyzed was given a score out of 100. A detailed list of these factors and categories is listed below.

In addition, we determined the best cities for single seniors based on gender by identifying which had the best ratio of single senior males to single senior females and vice versa.


Ranking Factor Ranking Factor Category Weight Source
Single Senior Population Single Senior Population 2.00 Census
No. of Bars (per 10k residents) Things to Do 1.50 YellowPages
No. of Museums (per 10k residents) Things to Do 2.00 YellowPages
No. of Parks (per 10k residents) Things to Do 2.00 TPL
No. of Theaters (per 100k residents) Things to Do 1.25 YellowPages
No. of Golf Courses (per 100k residents) Things to Do 2.00 YellowPages
No. of Pickle Ball Courts (per 100k residents) Things to Do 1.25 Pickleheads
No. of Tennis Courts (per 100k residents) Things to Do 1.00 Global Tennis Network
Walkable Park Access Things to Do 1.25 TPL
Date Night Costs (meal for 2, mid-range restaurant, 3 course) Things to Do 1.00 Numbeo
No. of Religious Organizations (per 10k residents) Places to Meet 0.25 Census
No. of Retirement Communities (per 100k residents) Places to Meet 0.25 YellowPages
No. of Adult Communities (55+) (per 100k residents) Places to Meet 0.25


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